translated from Spanish: They deferred the Declaration of former Chancellor of the Archbishopric of Santiago in O’Higgins Attorney

the former Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Santiago, Oscar Muñoz Toledo, arrived last 11:00 to Rancagua, where should testify before the prosecution Regi onal of O’Higgins to the Marauder in charge of the investigation, Emiliano Arias. However, counsel confirmed this afternoon that the appointment was postponed until further notice. The priest who is in pre-trial detention since July 13 after being formalized for five offences of sexual abuse and I female (repeated and consummated), still has not delivered his testimony in the case. The lawyer Gabriel Henríquez, argued that the former Chancellor is willing to collaborate “as it has been their intention from the beginning” and that they intend to appeal tailored injunction that he keeps today, to be able to change it to one of less intensity. Muñoz was autodenunció before the Church on 2 January, when separated from their religious functions. The priest was the archivist and was responsible for receiving complaints in the Archbishopric of Santiago and act as Minister of faith on them, keeping all documentation. It was a direct Advisor of Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati. In relation to this, the Henríquez lawyer has denied this function of Muñoz in the curia. It should be noted that the Prosecutor Arias, is the primary responsibility of pursuing crimes and sexual abuse committed by priests in Chile.

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