translated from Spanish: Spouse Americo to his father-in-law Melvin heart: “Be made a self-criticism”

María Teresa Órdenes, the spouse of the Chilean singer, Americo, went out to respond to his father-in-law, Melvin heart, that he came to the program “Primer Plano” to deny any You excerpts from the biography of his son. The artist couple were reported from Miami with the space of Chilevisión, where man went through in the text “I am Americo” of Mauricio Jürgensen, where there would have liked the performer of “Raise your hand” “have had a father more q “EU a colleague’s profession”. About this, orders stated that “I’m seeing that (for Melvin heart) all that is said, everything that is written, everything my husband talks about in the book is a lie. Then here are lying my husband, journalists, television, a manager… then I think that it is time to become a self-analysis, retorceder a little bit and say ‘ what I failed my son’ “.” The woman said “I see the book of my husband as a relief in his life, just as I feel that until today he (Americo) has many bars that were from child and that must be overcome”. “Orders acknowledged that” nobody is taught to be Pope “, but in the case of his father-in-law, he asked”becomes a self-criticism”and check the errors committed in the past.” One as dad always tries to give the best to their children, and I think Yes you should do a self-examination and self-criticism and say ‘in what I missed’. Because until today, if you ask me, to me as a woman of 20 years, I think that your dad still fails you”, said. She also said the singer asked his father not to offer the television interview. Melvin heart, meanwhile, said that his son knew that he would attend the shows.

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