translated from Spanish: Son of footballer Jaime Carreño died 29 days after being born

The national midfielder Jaime Carreño, from the records of Oriente Petrolero of Bolivia, goes through a difficult personal moment after his young son Clemente Andrés died 29 days after he was born.
The altiplanic store released the harsh news. «We regret to communicate the sensitive passing of Andresito Carreño Riquelme We will always carry you in our minds and little angelito heart,» he wrote.
The former player of Catholic University and Everton gave himself the encouragement and strength to dedicate a message to his son through social media: «My little warrior: 29 beautiful days you gave us, from the guatita you fought against all adverse prognosis, you were born and when to two expected the worst you surprised us with those little cries that no one expected.»
«When things got worse, you pulled that claw to keep fighting to be with us, we had good days, bad days and worse, but your courage and courage remained present,» he adds.
«You made me come back more than once so I could see the strength you were having. I will always carry you in my heart my little warrior, you showed me that in this life nothing, but nothing is impossible», he concludes.

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