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Sir: the national programme for suicide prevention of the Ministry of health has normative body from e l year 2013. Reports addressed to the Special Joint Committee of the Senate in the framework of the law of budgets of the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, leave evidence that advances in the installation of the program continue to be heterogeneous, situation which, according to the Undersecretary Public health, arises due to lack of resources together with the supply of professionals. To illustrate the above, the proposed budget 2015 was prepared to install the program for suicide prevention in six regions of the country, for which M is requested $665.546 but only approved M$ 191.684, i.e. a 28.8% as requested.
In this context and in the context of the formulation of the law of budgets of the year 2019 is that we urge the authorities and members of the respective Committee for the national suicide prevention program receive the necessary human and financial resources for its correct implementation; This will allow your rear impact assessment and the adjustments that are necessary in this public policy.
In memory of the 1835 dead by suicide in the year 2015 (last data published by DEIS-MINSAL) more thousands of Chileans and Chilean that annually can be involved in an attempted suicide and their families, believe voucher worth the effort.
Nadia Cordova B.
pioneer Haces Falta – Chile
group of suicide loss survivors

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