translated from Spanish: The minutes of the power 04092018

Argentina still hurts yesterday President Mauricio Macri, who acknowledged being too optimistic in its forecasts gala, justified the dramatic reduction of his Cabinet “less than half” the gravity of the moment that his judgment calls “compact” your most direct government team and incidentally, applied tax which had been eliminated. The details of the crisis here.
Sanhattan Lions what make Alfredo Moreno, Juan Bilbao and Leonidas Vial front? Moreno and Bilbao, friends of lifelong trading by the controlling group of Banco de Chile in the year 2000 (Penta, Cuneo Solari, Consortium and the own Moreno) and Larraín group the sale of the Bank. LV then represented the Luksic, who wanted to keep control of the operation. Luksic tried to offer direct buy Los Carlos, but they refused. Part of the stories that picks up the book by journalist Sergio Jara which recounts unpublished chapters involving the country’s political and business elite. We summarize an advancement.
The second parts are never good is a saying that echoes of relationships, but that today, in part, seems to echo in the policy. The column of the day is responsible.
Police Starbucks: the end of the military police?
Critical analysis of Mirko Macari Woman on top, what bothered the Cadem numbers of negative evaluation of some ministries concerned by the Government, but is it possible that the good numbers also worry? The Ministry of women is in the eye of the hurricane by the “good” that was in the polls. Without editing details.

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