translated from Spanish: An Angel in the sky: died baby newborn cousin of Rodrigo “El Potro” good

days ago shared with you the prayer request message by his son of Romina fields Olave, the premium by mother of the falleci cordovan singer do, Rodrigo Bueno.

Stefano was born on Sunday, August 26 before term and was in a delicate state of health. Given this, her mother published a photo of “El Potro” asking for your baby, but unfortunately died.

“I have not much to say because a half of my life left me. Only thank each of you for every sentence they did and Word of encouragement “, wrote in his account of Instagram.

And completed fruit of love which took with Luifa Galesio, winner of big brother 2016 Romina, mother of Lola, the 4-year-old girl: “Cuidanos much from above Angel of my life, high vola… I feel like dying”.

Rodrigo Bueno baby cousin died

Original source in Spanish

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