translated from Spanish: Councillor is threatened with intimate photos and your response prompted his political campaign

on August 13, the councilor of Sonoma Rachel Hundley received an email and anonymous can where we are asked to get out of the race in return for not making public pictures of her in lingerie. The threat occurred during the electoral campaign.
Response that gave Hundley ended up boosting his political campaign and is Councillor for 35 years said to not feel ashamed: «what was especially disturbing in this era of the #MeToo (movement against harassment and sexual abuse of women) was the» attempt to embarrass me to celebrate my body», expressed in a 4:22 video through YouTube, which has been viewed thousands of times.
«Rather than debating with me important envelope issues which pits Sonoma, now my family has been threatened by my friends who are and what I choose to wear», is part of claims that manifested in the recording and also tries to cowards without names who are back an extortion.
Hudley continued his disclaimer stating that for a long time it has been well seen to control the women telling us what it is well dressing, say and do. Strong women have fought against these double standards and hypocrisy.
For the same reason, the policy ended: «this year not only competing for the future of our city, but for every woman and man who have been ashamed for being themselves».
Web site with which threatened her and that has been removed is entitled ‘Rachel Hundley Exposed (exposed)’. According to the Councilor, page complained by their stance on divisive being Mayor of Sonoma issues. The threat included photos from your social networks, including some showing her underwear and working on the known art and music festival Burning Man, which said to be proud for their participation.

«Its purpose is to embarrass me to silence the voice of another strong woman, to frighten me, get me out of this election and denying you the right to make a choice,» said Hundley, who told The Washington Post newspaper that far from affecting it, your video on YouTube had a positive response. Following this, volunteers joined his campaign with posters supporting on the gardens and organizing events to raise funds.
«Once the video was posted on the Internet felt that she had done what I needed,» she told the same media. «Talk about this fact eliminates all the power that has,» he added.
«The Internet can be a strange and fascinating place. Proud to have shared my message and motivated to see so many people wanting to have this conversation», he wrote in his Twitter account.

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