translated from Spanish: In California, nurse discovers that his colleague is a premature baby that he saved 28 years ago

home weird world in California, nurse discovers that his colleague is a premature baby he saved 28 years photography / Internet statistics I-Brandon Seminatore was born in 1990 in Palo Alto, California, United States from prematurely; he survived thanks to the attention that Lucile Packard Children’s hospital received. Today, 28 years later, returned to the site to work as resident pediatrician and reunite – without suspecting it – with Vilma Wong, the nurse who saved his life when he was a baby.
The time of the reunion was just in the area of incubators, when the nurse asked Seminatore it identified, since that is a restricted access site and wanted to know who was.
He told her he was resident of Pediatrics and gave his full name: «his name was me family», said Wong. Subsequently, Brandon told him where he was and what had been a premature baby born in that hospital. It was then when the nurse began to suspect that it could be a baby who had been in their care for 28 years.
WONG asked the young man if his father was an officer of police; Brandon also began to suspect and asked if she was the famous Vilma who tried it at birth.
Brandon got in contact with his family to tell them about the reunion. The father provided a photograph of his son and the nurse at the hospital, which was posted on their social networks: «There is a special look between them both before and now,» says the phrase that accompanies the image.

Information: La Vanguardia

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