translated from Spanish: Piñera: the latter parts never are good

the film-loving public and especially moviegoers, they tend to say that the second parts of first clip as successful, will never reach the quality and effect of the first (or any of the saga). Doing a comparison, it is possible to say that something similar happens with the Governments in Chile when returns a former President to lead the country. Today, it is opportune to review how the almost 6 months year of the present Government, have been ad portas to a second half that will quickly pass between vast Fiestas Patrias, the end of the year and the summer holidays. In this context, will always be advisable a reflective introspective (short and effective) to see what so good (bad) is the film.
In the recent history of Chile, the President Arturo Alessandri, Carlos Ibáñez, Michelle Bachelet and Sebastián Piñera have exercised command of the nation for two non-consecutive terms, all of them have delivered his Government, both in the first and the second mandate, a new ruler of political tendency, at least in speech, other than their own. Thus it could be argued that second Governments have always been little effective as a political project and not able to consolidate at the polls, the political, social and economic work.
There is one fact that is stylized in the next of these Governments: not able to consolidate their political project winning the immediately next election. This would correspond to the nature of the national character as evidenced by the saying: prior to the election «is an openwork watermelon», in reference to that once the population has experienced the hand of the Governor prefers to repeat that ruling to innovate with a new one, but at the end of the Government, change to qualify it as «the worst Government in history». It is possible that this alternation gravitate favorably to reduce corruption and encourage rotation in the (highly susceptible to undesirable practices) Executive, consolidating itself not having an immediate re-election, electoral choice that distinguishes to Chile, despite some ideas «cooked» in the «skimming pot» of some politicians from lower level of credibility and background of the Chilean political history.
In this context, a statesman should assume its role and lead the country along the path to well-being and sustainable development, with self-control and discipline. But don’t forget that history is marked by the electoral defeat of the ruling industry, no matter the quality of the outgoing Government. From this point of view, each of those Governments can be considered at the time the worst ever by its inability to project itself with a fragmented political project of contingent caudillismo. This qualifier is confirmed to the entire fiscal agenda, the attention of the media and more information than their opponents wandering given hope of a victory built on the questioning of the immediate story and not necessarily on a constructive discourse that entrance to the elector skeptic.
If the above description is correct, what is possible to glimpse in the present Government Administration? Conditions to hold that you materialize this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of the worst Government in history has again would be repeating. Countless mistakes child actors and the cast, forcing the main character of the film to be more concerned to the backstage to enchant the Viewer. This, despite reasonable gag for the first months, our actor untie moorings and returns campante to one of its greatest features: cribs that cause rejection of the Viewer.
Therefore, it is understandable that begins a flurry of potential candidates, rather than consolidate good governance. These actors cast and side are more worried about positioning for the next contest to govern on behalf of the country. On the other hand, there are a number of secondary players that only undermine the already diminished social harmony, easy wedge and the populist effects of irrelevant measures, which do not attack the relevant problems of the society concerned.
Doing an inventory of the deportesvideos of the film, it is a must to remember the visit to Harvard on the day of the former student of the secondary actor who possesses the highest responsibility to create expectations of an austere and not wasteful Government. Another actor (although already dismissed) that boasted of sexual ability of their offspring, in a society that has chosen a point of no return towards the mainstreaming of gender equality.
A supporting actor, who tried to go to first line, but that was a victim of his own speeches converted, consolidating the phrase that suggests that we are owners of our silences and slaves of our words (or in this case a mediocre book citations drafting). Finally, there are other actors cast and extras that reach their pretensions of grandeur inflicting pain using the most basic of errors of a ruler, the delegation to justify his painful actions as firing employees (fiscal), knocking at This mass of timid workers from the Manager on duty that the understandable fear of loss of employment, forget the ultimate goal of their work that is for society and for people who pay their salaries and funded the State with taxes of all kinds where the worst of the recipes is questioned and regressive integrated tax system reform.
The above is part of the paraphernalia and chamuchina of which can become the worst Government in history. What is essential is played at the legislative guidance and executive action which intends to propose the main actor in this film, however, a country that was the Guinea pig of the neo-liberal experiment has many new areas where to create markets, rather It should aim to improve the existing ones, so that they actually work. It is here playing the future national, changing the degrading extractive development by other dimensions of the production, with greater care of the environment and the population. Today there is a moral imperative for gradually to eliminate the perfidious areas of environmental and human sacrifice as today happens, for example, in the area of Puchuncavi.
The country’s main challenges are two: change the path of uneconomic growth and improve the field of the distribution of wealth (or is it that reduce credit), everything else is music. The lack of awareness of these challenges can lead to social imbalances of such magnitude, that no actor can improve the film, finally consummating the worst Government in history in the perennial form.

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