translated from Spanish: Food prohibited for these Fiestas Patrias pets

come Fiestas Patrias and house pets are the first that stop next to the grill with the smell of roast. However, specialists delivered some recommendations and warn that it is best that they continue the same diet as always. Lissy Alvarado Gámez, spokeswoman for Commission in holding responsible of the Veterinary Medical College of Chile (COLMEVET), said that it should be especially careful with food that they receive pets as which are cooked on the grill can cause gastroenteritis and other annoyances. «You don’t think that that is an important celebration, your pet must also celebrate eating the same as you,» said the professional. For example, sausages and grilled chicken have bones that could cause damage to the digestive system when the animals are not accustomed to these foods. Other foods forbidden with the sausages, spicy foods, pebre and patties that contain onion; they are considered a toxic food. In this context, are advised not to leave residue on the table, well save the garbage with chicken bones in a garbage dump with insulator CAP, do not leave the grill unattended because many pets take advantage and can burn the feet or muzzle. «In the event that there is any change in the diet of pet, Alvarado says that it is advisable to give chicken cooked with rice without salt and nothing coming from the grill.» The smoke of charcoal can produce all the negative effects described above. Apple or carrot could be, yet you think that any change of power could cause diarrhea in your dog», was completed. 1-gastroenteritis: causes such as vomiting, diarrhea, profuse and even bloody, and resulting dehydration. 2. intestinal blockage or rupture of the intestine by slivers of chicken bones: without treatment can even cause the death of the animal by the decompensation (blood volume) volume of the animal.

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