translated from Spanish: The Government authorized more than 40 billion pesos in additional expenses

the Ministry of finance authorized additional spending that had been approved originally the 2018 budget for the remainder of the year by more than 40 thousand mill weight ones.

According to the decision of portfolio headed by Nicolás Dujovne, additional costs will be for a total of 40.548 million pesos, i.e., the extras to the programmed resources will be 22.460 million pesos.

Most of the additional costs – which come from the Ministry of labour – will be used to strengthen programs of social assistance and security, while they will be without effect expenditures for infrastructure and science and technology.

How will the costs be distributed?

There will be assistance for the formulation and implementation of energy policy by 10,000 million and financial for the social area 15.561 million pesos.

In addition 6.428 billion are earmarked for coordination of the policies of road transport and 2,683 million to health care beneficiaries of pensions not Contributivas.

At the same time, 1,287 million in fees and contributions to international organizations and 750 million pesos for social assistance shall be provided.

On the other hand, Treasury will provide $ 400 million for the care of liabilities of the national gendarmerie and 142 million relating to the sustaining operational General of the army, while there will be 114 million pesos to policies for the Increase production and productivity in agro-industrial chains and 89 million pesos for other areas.

In the meantime, there will be cuts of games assigned by 1.331 million, mainly for packaging of general wiring of the Kirchner Cultural Center (959 million) and for the promotion and financing of activities of science, Technology and innovation (200 million pesos).


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