translated from Spanish: The Government ordered to transfer funds from the Federal Police Education

the administration of Mauricio Macri published today a resolution removing funds from the ministries of education and Social Development to transfer it to the Ministry of SEC securi, for additional payments to the Federal Police. 

The Decree was published in the Official Gazette and carries the signatures of the Chief of staff Marcos Peña and the Minister of finance, Nicolás Dujovne. 

The Ministry of education adopted the culture and science and technology after the restructuring, while Social Development did the same with health. 

«It is necessary to increase the budget of the Ministry of security, in order to incorporate exercise 2008 fundraising surplus corresponding to the compulsory contribution to the associations members of the fire system Volunteers of the Argentina Republic», says what has been published. 

The explanation of the Government on the OficialLuego newsletter explains that these funds will be used to expand «existing appropriations for the FEDERAL police of ARGENTINA, acting within the scope of the Ministry of security, to the payment of the National Fund of» Incentive teacher (FONID) and payment of the additional police service».

Decision occurs in the context of the conflict with teachers, both University and secondary and that takes months of claims. Recently on Friday of last week, the Government managed an arrangement with teachers in universities. 

«Would name a Government that favors funding the police rather than to public education?» Leave it to your discretion #BastaDeAjuste in education! «, wrote the SUTEBA Guild on Twitter. 

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