translated from Spanish: They killed five people for murder in Guerrero

Chilpancingo, Mexico.-in different parts of Acapulco, five people were killed with bullets and six more were injured Monday, State authorities reported. Around 17:00 hours, a company located in the Avenida El Farallon «Dimas» workshop, several armed men broke into the business and killed two individuals.

Photo: AFP later, at one of the victims set you fire on the same road. One of the men killed shot was in the passenger seat of a white van with boards of circulation HF-37-317, of the State of Guerrero.El another corpse was pulled on the floor, in addition to another bullet wound was. At the same time, in the calle Las Playas, Colonia La Bodega – heading to Symphony of the sea – a man and a woman who were in the interior of a vehicle were killed dead. 

Photo: AFP in both, the Vicente Guerrero Street, Colonia La Sabana, several men entered the home of Julio César Hernández of 45 years of age, job bolillero, killing him with bullets. At the same time, taxis site located outside of the store Aurrera, in the Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, attacked gunned by a commando armed leaving as balance injured a woman and two taxi drivers. The injured woman was identified with the name Karen lumps cuts and man Carlos Hernández; the other refused to provide his name.

Photo: AFP the two taxi drivers and the woman were taken to the General Hospital located in the community of El Quemado. Meanwhile, in Cuahutémoc – nearby the cowboy shop – a man was wounded bullet. Another individual who walked over the Pie de la Cuesta road, near the old Pantheon, was injured shot. In this note: violence murder Warrior five people

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