translated from Spanish: They move to Nahir Galarza to jail of Paraná

Nahir Galarza, the young woman condemned to life imprisonment for the murder of her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizo, it was moved this morning to the women’s prison in Parana.

One day before his 20th birthday, Galarza was born from the Commissioner of the minor and the woman of Gualaguaychu, where he was detained since last January, the Criminal Unit 6 of the capital of Entre Ríos.

Shortly after the 7:00, the police that had split at 4:00 of Gualeguaychu with young on board, arrived at paranaense prison gates, where his parents, Yamina Kroh and officer of Policía Marcelo Galarza were already.

The young woman, who was sentenced for «homicide aggravated by the link» in the first instance, would be subjected to a series of psychological and psychiatric day tests, to determine the Pavilion of the criminal that will be hosted.

Nahir Galarza was transferred to the women’s prison in Paraná | Photo: NAEn principle was speculated that her companions could become Griselda Bordeira, a police involved in a drug trafficking case, and another two women, who are wives of members and the force.

Such a measure would be taken to protect Galarza from reprisals by other dams being the daughter of an officer of the provincial police.

Source: NA.

transfer women’s prison in Parana

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