translated from Spanish: Lift ban, now pure ceviche with shrimp Bay

Culiacan, Sinaloa-from 00: 00 hours of today rose the veda of shrimp, for which an estimated 11 thousand small boats went out to estuaries and bays of the State in search of the crustacean. Read also: storms that would provoke landslides are expected in these estadosEl Secretary of fisheries and aquaculture in Sinaloa, Sergio Torres Félix, said that the results of the surveys carried out by the National Institute of fisheries (Inapesca), indicated that the shrimp season will be good.  

Illustrative photo El Debate the State official, said that for his part made a sampling through the State Institute of fisheries, whose results showed that there is product in the bays. Read also: Celso Piña open festival Cultural pure Sinaloa in Mazatlan US as State Institute of fishing we did surveys, and the results yielded in the area of the Santa María Bay, Angostura Yes there in product once the fishermen claimed that your expectations are low for the shrimp season since many products has emigrated, Torres Félix denied that this is true. The low expectations that have fishermen on the season could be related to the despair they feel the absence of resources for the imposition of the closure of shrimp in Sinaloa. Supports the Secretary of fisheries noted that fishing camps are in a better position than other years, because 40 million pesos, with which benefited 20 thousand families were dispersed. Through the system for Integral Development for the family (DIF) 75 thousand modules were installed in all fishing fields in the State. 

The offshore ban will be lifted on September 19, and ships is expected to go from 06:00 hours, which will be approximately 550.Previo the lifting of the ban of shrimp, the State Government handed over support employment program Temporal.En this note: Culiacan Mazatlan Veda of shrimp fishermen fishing season

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