translated from Spanish: This will charge the Plebes of the ranch by singing in the cry in Culiacan

Culiacan, Sin.-everything is ready to get more than 20 thousand people to the courtyard of the Government Palace to give the traditional shout of independence in Culiacan.a this event , the State Government will allocate you one million 600 thousand pesos, which will be to pay the popular group Los Plebes of the ranch, explained Papik Ramírez, director of the Institute of Cultura.Lee also: lived all stress: new lead singer of banda El Recodo said trust e l next Saturday the families will make this celebration a family reunion and that everything be done calmly, like other years, which ended with white balance.
in addition to the Plebes of the ranch, 15 local, all groups will be presented. The celebration will begin at 18:00. Read also: Adela Micha speaks of the divorce of his son CarlosConfianza
despite the fact that the famous group usually have corridos in his repertoire, in this event do not sing them. It was the agreement with them that only sing romantic songs appropriate for all attendees, so it is hoped that it will comply with the agreement, so there was no need to give them a list of songs. The owner of culture said that the organizers of this festival already met on several occasions to go tweaking each of the details, and everything is ready. 


State, federal and municipal authorities as well as of Civil protection, firefighters and Red Cross volunteers are ready. Attendees, apart from singing the songs of Los Plebes of the ranch that are fashionable, can enjoy snacks that there will be sold and will be able, together with the authorities, give the cry of independence and see the magic of fireworks. The population are encouraged arrive early and enjoy healthy living together, above all to be very careful with the children. 

the year past was the singer Lucero, who paid one million 600 thousand pesos for livening up the celebration of the cry. Many sinaloan considered as a waste of money this money, and there was annoying people because the artist was not Julión Álvarez.  
 In this note: Culiacan Plebes of the ranch that will pay them Show cry independence

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