translated from Spanish: Bolivian opposition into a tailspin against Evo Morales: «what made us dream if there was no capacity to earn»

the Bolivian opposition reacted with harsh criticism to the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which It was established that Chile does not have an obligation to negotiate an exit to the sea with that country.
In a verdict, which were dismissed all the arguments put forward by Bolivia to build demand against Chile, the responsibility has fallen on the Government of the most and President Evo Morales.
From the front of National Unity (UN) said that «the Bolivian people are frustrated and deserves a serious and complete explanation about the reasons for this as unfortunate result».
«We demand that those responsible for demand politicians realize accountable citizens» said the party.
«What made us dream if not had the capacity to win and defend the interests of the homeland» designated community.
Member of new Alliance Bolivia, Amilcar Barral, meanwhile, expressed that «synthesis are more screwed than before on the maritime issue» in reference to the acronym of the ruling party. Barral also asked for explanations after the sayings of the Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, who said that the ICJ, after closing a door, «opened several doors to negotiate». «Someone I explain?» said Barral.
Former Bolivian President. Victor Hugo Cardenas, said that «arrogance, the grudge, the lack of control of the language and hate to experts in international law, led to Evo Morales and his team to one of the greatest international failures».
«They dedicated themselves to the party instead of thorough and serious legal and diplomatic work» said the former Bolivian President, who also suggested that the Government of the «he scorned experts in international law and it is surrounded of friends and his intimate thread. The sea subordinated to the interest of the indefinite re-election! «.»

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