translated from Spanish: Mexican State of Veracruz approves controversial «law antimemes»

memes have become an escape route for those users of social networks qu (e) they have a boundless creativity. Make graphic jokes about anything is almost a civic duty that thousands of people are grateful. But in the State of Veracruz (Mexico) members do not see it as well. That is why, in March of this year, Jose Kirsch Sanchez, of the leftist party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) presented the law against cyber bullying.
The proposal, already world known as «law antimemes», had the support of Morena, PRI and PAN-PRD, parties that gave 40 of 50 possible votes in Congress. In this way, approved several amendments to the criminal code to punish with between six months and two years of imprisonment or 100 days of community work to anyone who spread «using any digital media» image affecting «the reputation or» a person’s self-esteem».
It will be considered «harassment of cyber» lewd or fraudulent disclosures that affect psychological, family or work a person. The Photomontages, this concept includes a section where without any problems you can include memes. Kirsch Sanchez defended her proposal ensuring that, to be a modern phenomenon, this type of harassment was not criminalized in the Penal Code and it’s about time that it was.
The law is not in that: also consider crime the use without consent of the e-mail address of a person, the impersonation in social networks and dissemination of rumors. Social media comments have been varied. While some applaud the measure to avoid the cyberbullying, others complain that parliamentarians find agreement for such initiatives and not to increase the penalties against corruption.
In 2013 the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a law which, also in Veracruz and under the administration of former Governor Javier Duarte, punished the dissemination of false news.

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