translated from Spanish: Minister of Social development by femicide occurred on his farm: «Is an unexpected and indescribable tragedy»

the Minister of Social development, Alfredo Moreno, lamented the femicide and subsequent suicide was recorded during early bird it It gives this Monday in their fund-Rio Claro, in the Region of the Maule.En a public statement, the Secretary of State spoke about what happened with Nivaldo caves, one of the keepers of the lost, who murdered his partner, Yanet Núñez, and then took his life.» Before the facts which occurred yesterday in my property of the commune of Río Claro, seventh Region, and known by the public through the media, I must say that as a family we deeply regret what has happened. It is an unexpected and indescribable tragedy», said Moreno.El Minister added that» the marriage of caregivers worked four years with me, in the field, and there was no evidence before police on any signs that would indicate that there was abuse or violence to the » inside of marriage. This unfortunate fact has left impacted my family, workers and without doubt that the community of Río Claro».» Nothing made us to activate the alerts that something like this could happen. Yanet highlighted by the working and caring for my spouse, children and grandchildren, while Nivaldo was always a good worker,»he added. The deceased woman left three daughters, while the caregiver and the author of the crime left four others.

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