translated from Spanish: Pinera said that the Hague «put things in place» and accused Evo Morales created «false expectations to his people»

the President Sebastián Piñera referred to the ruling of the International Court of Justice in the Hague and said that the tri bunal «justice done and has put things in place, establishing a clear and categorical, that Chile has never had, nor does and has never breached any obligation in international law, or in its relations with Bolivia». Piñera, who followed the ruling with a series of legislative and Judicial powers and Government authorities, also said the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and said that «has created false expectations to their own people and big frustrations to their own people «, and has made us lose five valuable years in healthy and necessary relationships that must have Chile with neighbouring countries». The President also suggested that «demand for Bolivia never had any support, no basis nor historical, political or legal, therefore it was unabridged, fully rejected by the ICJ». «I am fully aware that we are countries neighbors, brothers and of our party will always be the best will talk, move forward and find solutions, but always in the context of the law and international treaties and that Chile has every right of the» world to defend its sovereignty and territory,»said Pinera. The President also thanked «all my compatriots» as well as the teams that worked on the defense of Chile at the Hague, and the political sectors that «by an attitude of unity, cooperation with which we have been able to deal with this situation».
Piñera followed this morning the decision accompanied by Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero – who on Friday announced that Andrés Chadwick (Interior), Gonzalo Blümel (Segpres) was not traveling to the Peace Palace in the Hague–and the Ministers Cecilia Pérez (Government spokeswoman), and the Undersecretary of RR.EE., Carolina Valdivia.
Also present were the President of the Senate, Carlos Montes, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Maya Fernández and the President of the Supreme Court, Haroldo Brito.
Alongside them were also Director of boundaries and borders, Ximena Fuentes, Alberto Van Klaveren and members of the Commission of RR.EE. of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

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