translated from Spanish: Protocol of delivery begins in Angostura

Angostura, Sinaloa-A one month who finish efforts of the current municipal administration in Angostura, has begun with the delivery protocol. Therefore the Commission headed by Arturo Avila Atondo, Chairman of the Committee and who the figure of Syndic Attorney with administration of Aglaeé Montoya Martínez. The Chairman of the Commission informed; “always when change of Government is to do the work of delivery receipt, we have a month to work alongside the outgoing team and the incoming. “Right now was the presentation, we could not attend, or rather to the cart because they went to Culiacan to protest of Deputies decision, we remain to work with staff of Attorney sindica it”. He mentioned Avila Atondo.El next municipal official, made clear that they are in harmony and want to have things well, explained that they do not seek to have conflicts, but where something is wrong done must make the necessary signs. 

Kicked off the delivery protocol / photography: Daniel Ayala EL DEBATE read also: Announces call FAS for Board “we have been eager to work, we begin today with opening hours from 09:00 to 13:00 hours will be coordinating what we do” “day by day and we hope that everything goes well, we will not look for enemies or something of that, but we will not let pass things that aren’t well done”. Arturo Avila Atondo, made it clear that they will have to start in areas that can already be reviewed, said that Treasury and public works will be reviewed at the end.
“We will start according to the staff of Attorney syndicates it, they carry 85 percent of the work that we will review advanced”, said.

In this note: Angostura municipal delivery reception Aglaée Montoya

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