translated from Spanish: Talk online delivers tools to treat Attention Deficit

the attention Deficit is a problem affecting more and more people. Catch it early is very important, as well as also to find an alternative to treat it.
Bretta Palma, adolescent psychologist, explains that the attention Deficit Disorder is “one more common neuro-behavioural childhood disorders. It is usually diagnosed during school life and often persists into adulthood. Children who suffer from it have difficulty paying attention, have the impulsive and, in some cases, are hyperactive”.
According to the expert, the most common is the attention Deficit with hyperactivity, while the more complex deal is, according to his experience, the attention Deficit inattentive, “because that is the most difficult of search because they are very quiet children and pass indvertidos”.
In our country, the numbers of people with attention deficit reach 18% of schoolchildren and also 6% of adults.  “Attention Deficit and hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder is the neuropsychiatric disorder most common worldwide in the pediatric population, occupying a border between 3% and 7%, and in Latin America, is considered a public health problem, affecting approximately 36 million people, according to the first Latin American consensus of disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity”, highlights the specialist.
The specialist explained that the current situation of parenting is key when it comes to curbing.  “The traditional scenario where the mother and father spent time to share and accompany their children’s upbringing is ever more unattainable. “That makes them feel guilt, often even more so when the children have a problem, specifically as they begin to confront the school failure of a son, blame by not having been able to teach properly to children”, says.
“Parents feel that they are the origin of this situation. “In these cases need support to recover stability to return to feel that they are the cornerstone that will lead children, with tools to strengthen in this great mission of love”, adds.
Therefore, the educational psychologist decided to launch a platform to help parents of children with this disorder in a simple way and without removing time share with children. So he developed a system of lectures online that have become a success and after a Conference on 7 September, it has had to add new dates due to the high demand of parents seeking an effective solution to the problem of their children.
“I decided to find a practical, effective and economical way to support them, thinking about generating a communication independent of the place where they are located, enabling instant communication, simplifying the interaction between themselves and the world around them for generate a significant vision, on issues that concern them,”says.
Palm developed a program to address this problem through a synchronous online platform. “It is a Conference that is similar to a personal, flexible, efficient and productive meeting. Allows attendees to interact with each other, at the same time”, he says.

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