translated from Spanish: The rogue comment by Marcelo Tinelli: why is Ginette Reynal relative?

Ginette Reynal was present in the Studio of ShowMatch accompanied by his colleague, Anamá Ferreira, who danced in the contest.

Was Marcelo Tinelli, who surprised with a sarcastic phrase: “the daughter of Ginette is mine, intimate friend of Cande, and is pregnant with Luis Ortega. “In the end we will end being half-siblings”.

“With Ginette now will finish being the Middle family” the baby on the way will then be primo or prima Paloma, Dante and Helena, the children he had by Guillermina Valdés, the current wife of Marcelo, with Sebastián Ortega.

“The other day, when they told me that she was pregnant with Luis, and I say that seriously, we were very happy. I take Luis to congratulate you because you made a wonderful film with the Angel, who is also now prenominada Oscar”, he assured close mode. Photo: Instagram @marcelogtinelli Marcelo Tinelli Ginette Reynal

Original source in Spanish

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