translated from Spanish: Games more expected 2019 will be in Cyberix

on October 15 the Vorterix Theatre will be the epicenter of Cyberix: a show gamer that is shaping up as one of a kind thanks to the proposal of activities that will provide for the concurrent.

On stage not only held the finals of the tournaments organized by the League of Argentina professional video games (Street Fighter V, Clash Royale, FIFA19 and Rocket League), they also have different performances and shows related with the the video game culture.

Power Up Big Band: the first big band in the country dedicated to the music of the video game and the best television series will flourish to a day, interpreting a list that can be chosen through the damn Nerds networks days before presentation.

Likewise, the brothers WOLF and MKS (two notorious rappers emerged from the popular contest the fifth step) will be present to a battle of freestyle nerd that will perform some of the s iconic characters of gamer culture.

The area surrounding the stage will have more than 30 stations of game where the participants can try some of the most important games of the time and others who not have released to date of Cyberix.

The most anticipated games of Bandai Namco catalog will be in theatre Vorterix, thus providing the possibility of testing them months before its release. These famous games, include Jump Force: a game that brings the mythical characters of them most famous anime as. Talk about characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy, Zoro and many more, in the framework of a fighting game which will be talking about. 

Soul Calibur VI is also available in its final days before its release. It is one of the longest sagas of the genre of fighting that will bring new mechanics, a renewed technical section and the return of the mythical characters that made the series popular. 

Spider-Man stands out as one of the most notorious games to play during the show: work of Insomniac Games, is one of the exclusive PlayStation 4 stronger this year. Its open-world, flexible gameplay and a recreation of New York astounding became one of the best of the moment. 

Assassin completo Creed Odyssey will also say this. The famous Ubisoft franchise receives the most recent game that combines the world wide and generous content, never seen so far, in the historical framework of Greece, during the war between Athenians and Spartans.

A visuals to rise to the occasion as a great historical reenactment are also their strong, besides the options of gameplay to face adventure as you wish.

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