translated from Spanish: Buenos Aires teachers announced a strike for 48 hours

next Monday and Tuesday there will be no classes in the public schools of the province of Buenos Aires. 

Thus the front of Buenos Aires teaching unit ruled it. The decision in rejection to the actions of the Governor María Eugenia Vidal and his idea of granting wage increases of 19% by Decree.

It was through resolution 1145 / 2018 published in the Official Gazette of the province of Buenos Aires, which the President ratified the increase already granted to teachers, which, according to the teachers unions, does not imply the unilateral closure of the joint.

The Governor avoids dialogue and gives an impoverished increase by Decree, while teachers try to find solutions.
it is clear who is responsible for this conflict and the deterioration of public education.
non-government dialogue or think about the kids.

-Roberto Baradel (@RobiBaradel) October 4 2018Al 48-hour strike has also planned provincial, regional, and district events. Teachers claim the lack of existing dialogue with the management of change.

In that connection, the Secretary general of the Federation of educators Buenos Aires (FEB), Mirta Petrocini said: «not even sat down to talk with the teachers when justice forced them or the Ministry of labour imposed a reconciliation»


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