translated from Spanish: PGR has not signed agreement to receive data from Odebrecht

the Ministry public of Brazil said that the PGR will not sign an agreement that would allow him to receive information about the case of bribes from the company Odebrecht, one of the biggest scandals of corruption in Latin America.
The Brazilian Authority said in a letter to the AP agency that countries interested in having access to the file must sign the agreement and rules as «the prohibition of use of such information against the collaborators».
Mexico, they added, has not explained the reasons for his refusal to sign, and also fixed a few documents that «did not meet the parameters or legal criteria to be processed».
AP noted that PGR requested a stance, but there was no immediate response.
Odebrecht admitted payment of 10.5 million dollars in bribes to officials of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).
The National Institute of transparency recently instructed the PGR make public its investigation into the case, which have been reported officials as the former Director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, although so far there has been no sanctions against.
Read: Sanctioned the first server of Pemex involved if Odebrecht on 4 October last, according to a report by the newspaper Reforma, the owner of the attorney specializing in investigation of federal crimes of the PGR, Felipe Muñoz, he said that Brazil is He had refused to give them information, despite repeated requests.
«Brazil has not provided us information. «Yes we have very advanced research folder because we have statement of several people, but Brazil, I see that Brazil says says and says, and since I do not see clear», said Munoz.
«We are insisting (…)» «from Brazil if hope to finish soon to give us the information that we have requested on several occasions».

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