translated from Spanish: Identities Festival: starts its activities with Odin Teatret in San Pedro de Atacama

Already the fourth edition of identities Festival, is developing the international performing arts festival in the desert of Atacama, which – in this Special Edition – with the presence of the mythical Odin Teatret, historic cole Danish Norwegian asset’scarryingamount that 25 years not stepped on Chilean soil.
The theatrical company applauded throughout the world, landed in Chile on Monday, October 8, and since then, has fulfilled an agenda informed of activities in San Pedro de Atacama, location where he started the festival, offering lectures, practical and theoretical, classes For more than 50 young students of theatre, and a free function of the play «Ode to progress», which managed to summon more than 500 people in the gymnasium of the community of San Pedro de Atacama.
Eugenio Barba, director of the Odin Teatret expressed its appreciation to the Organization for the reunion with the country in a peculiar, as the Atacama desert territory: «Here we have experienced one of the deeper experiences of our time on Latin America» said the Italian, and added: «what has hit us all, is how this festival, Alejandra (identities Festival Director) and his team, we have fed from Chile in a very familiar way. «This is a true encounter with the identity and the nature of this place, which is so strong… in addition is an encounter with the new generations who have chosen the theatre as a way».
Eugenio Barba at identities Festival. All photographs of Glenn arches, Julia Varley, actress of the Odin Teatret, also referred to the massive participation of young people in the activities planned by identities Festival, and said that: «has been very nice to see young people who traveled to listen to us . It could come to us and see us as living people, of flesh and blood, beyond that in the books have already read that. Being in the places where the books arrived before us, transforms our perception, but also transforms the perception of young people about the theatre».
The 11 members of the Odin Teatret who came to Chile, also attended a welcoming ceremony that the footprint Theatre offered, with a traditional action of payment to the Earth in the ayllu de Solcor. In addition to an interview in depth, in charge of Alejandra Rojas, Director of identities and Pedro Celedón, Doctor in history of contemporary art. This appointment was in the open air, at the foot of the volcano Licancabur and featured a broad framework of public. On occasion, artists addressed topics such as the experience and the method creative of Odin, the value of the territory in the creative process, the role of art in political history and personal experiences of each Member of the cast, then of more than 54 years of collective work. The meeting was recorded by the production of the festival and will be released on Saturday, October 20, through the official Facebook of identities Festival account.
All photographs of Glenn arches «is still a powerful and very intense encounter with Odin Teatret. We have seen us reflected in the values that unite us, as the rite, the sacred in the scenic and barter, to the driest desert in the world as landscape and witness of this bond that we had created many years ago. You have them today as special guests in identities, is also to recognize and validate our work at national and international level, «said Alejandra Rojas.
The turn of Antofagasta after passing through San Pedro de Atacama, identities Festival prepares to deploy its programming in Antofagasta. Tomorrow, Friday October 12 will present the play «Ode to progress», at 21.00 hours on the Carpa-Teatro of identities (Bolívar 255), place where all functions will be made. October 13 is the turn of «Large cities under the Moon» (21.00 hours) and Sunday, October 14 (20.00 hours) ends the festival with «Itsi Bitsi», all those named, shows created by the iconic Odin Teatret.
Tickets for all the works are out of print. Entries, free of charge, were publicly distributed from October 4 and sold out in less than 48 hours.
The Odin Teatret will also offer three seminars of professionalization for scenic artists, where made available to knowledge built during all these years of creation.
All photographs of Glenn arches Odin Teatret Odin Teatret, is a group of theatre founded by Eugenio Barba in Oslo, Norway, in 1964. Eugenio Barba, is one of the most prestigious conductors of today, being honored as Doctor honoris causa, at the universities of: Aarhus, Ayacucho, Bologna, Havana, Warsaw, Plymouth, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Tallinn, Cluj-Napoca, Edinburgh and Shanghai.
Identities Festival annually attracts more than six thousand people in its activities, public loyalty not only of the region, but also from different parts of the country, which are at this party the opportunity to enjoy a billboard of exquisite Theatre quality, while visiting one of the landscapes more attractions of Chile.
Identities is a project of the Cultural Corporation of the footprint Theatre, presented by Minera Escondida / BHP and with the contribution of the Fund of Regional Development FNDR 2% of culture 2018, project welcomed the law on donations for cultural purposes. It is a project organized and produced by the footprint theatre and has recently signed a new long-term Alliance with Mark Chile’s country image Foundation, seal of quality and Excellence Award for their work.
In previous editions, identities Festival, has had companies of the stature of Yuyachkani, 4 ring, deployment Step Afrika, Teatro de Los Andes, La Patogallina and Mahani Teave in concert, among others, brewing a meeting next to these groupings cultural where joins the community of Antofagasta Region in an international activity that has already installed over time on the national agenda.
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