translated from Spanish: Miracle room, 1000 days stopped

thousand ago miracle room was arrested by the provincial security forces of Jujuy after a camp that the Tupac Amaru organization carried out in a square in the capital. Benchmark national of the Organization neighborhood Túpac Amaru, thus defined room whose social networks exhibit a the time of his arrest in the province of Jujuy and remain without posts since then.

At this time the police of Gerardo Morales I is stopping, this is as in the dictatorship. #Jujuy-miracle room (@SalaMilagro) 16 January 2016 when was arrested?

Originally produced by a cause initiated following the assumption as Governor of Gerardo Morales in December of 2015.Tras a camping as protest to a cooperative in Jujuy inthe plan, has provoked a complaint from the State Prosecutor, Mariano Miranda. On 16 January the judge on duty Raúl Gutiérrez ordered the arrest of room, asking that same day license for health reasons. Release orders by the camping soon arrived and there was Gastón Mercau, owner of Control Court N ° 1 of the province, who accepted the order. However, that release never materialized. In parallel to its resolution to free room for the camping, Mercau also issued his arrest for the cause is investigated where if leading a conspiracy. Why is that in part the leader of the Tupac Amaru still did not obtain their freedom.
Why is it spoken of room as political prisoner?

The strictly judicial highlights the following points: because it was sentenced without trial and for exercising a constitutional right, as it is to protest peacefully.
Because his parliamentary privileges (law 27120) were not respected. Room had been elected a Parliament of MERCOSUR and therefore had the same.
Because Argentine law every person is innocent until proven otherwise in a probationary trial. 
In today’s miracle room held that the Minister of Justicia Garavano should «free all political prisoners». In an interview given to AM530, Hall said: «my incarceration is a national shame. As they spend their days looking for give me more and more to break me»

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