translated from Spanish: They capture to 20 and claim more than 2 kilos of drugs in the regions of La Piedad, Jiquilpan and Zamora

photograph / file ME Zamora, Michoacan.-in operational actions reinforced in the regions of La Piedad, Jiquilpan and Zamora, Secretary of security (public) SSP), obtained strong results in the fight against crimes against health and possession of firearm, with the arrest of 20 suspects involved and securing 15 guns, two kilos 879 grams and 204 doses of different drugs.
In Jacona, Zamora region demarcation, the Michoacan police arrested Lucila H., 40 years of age, with around one kilogram of marijuana and 19 doses of methamphetamine during travels of prevention and surveillance on the street Vicente Guerrero West, of the colonia Centro.
In the community the Sauz de Abajo, Zamora municipality, police personnel envisioned several people, who, noticing the presence of the authority, attacked them with a handgun, repelling the attack that resulted in the arrest of María Guadalupe T., Roberto R., John G. , and José Z., who seized two long guns and two short, as well as 119 wrappers with drugs, two units makes Dodge, Neon and Yamaha model 2016, same line that recorded report of theft; In addition to two vests and a bib.
In this same town, José Manuel R., 34 years of age, was arrested for carrying a handgun type revolver among their belongings, with 12 ammunition caliber.357 Magnum, this during the physical review a person and your vehicle brand jeep, Liberty line.
During the actions of the SSP in Jiquilpan region, which included ground and aerial patrols was the capture of 22 suspects involved in crimes and the assurance of a kilo 695 grams of marijuana in grenå, 10 weapons, 19 Chargers and 566 cartridges and a case for pistol, 10 insured units, four of them with reports of theft and two more sent to pound.
In addition to the seizure of 15 doses of methamphetamine, 184 grams of marijuana and Crystal, and 60 tablets of Clonazepam, remission to 27 people railing, the uprising of 20 violations and the depolarized from 10 units.
At the time, the SSP maintains travels by land and air, filters for revision in the roundabouts Jiquilpan, Sahuayo, Venustiano Carranza, and Cojumatlán, the cruise La Yerbabuena and output to Marcos Castellanos, for the pursuit of armed persons and illicit substances or of dubious origin.
In the town of Puruandiro, in the region of La Piedad, staff of the SSP I assure health a., 26 years of age, with 10 wraps with glass, and 13 more than marijuana, who was aboard a motorcycle brand Italika, line AT110 without circulation plates. Staff also said a person’s name Daniel V., in 28 doses of Crystal and marijuana possession, when he traveled aboard a motorcycle on the street Narciso Mendoza of Los Angeles colony and the high was marked him to revise the unit who was not carrying plates circulation.

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