translated from Spanish: Ministers of Koreas discussed details agreed at Summit Seoul, Korea

of the South (AP) – the Koreas held Monday high-level meetings to discuss how it will continue, in the middle of a diplomatic effort worldwide to negotiations on the ar more nuclear North Korea come out of its impasse. South Korea said Monday negotiations to have the goal of reaching peace agreements that were announced after the Summit last month between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the capital of North Korea , Pyongyang.La meeting between high-level officials comes at a delicate time, while Washington has said to feel uncomfortable by the speed of the rhythm of interaction between the Koreas, which says should go to the pace of U.S. efforts to denuclearizing North Korea.

The Minister of unification of Korea of the South Cho Myoung-gyon said that some of the discussions will address how to organize a joint inspection of a railway section from Korea of the North that the Koreas plan to connect with South Korea. The head of the North Korean delegation at the meeting is Ri are gorgeous Gwon, Chairman of the North Korean Agency in charge of intercoreanos Affairs.
Also there could be discussions on details of a joint military Committee agreed between their leaders to assess steps to reduce tensions and maintain open communication in order to avoid accidental clashes and crisis.

«The endless waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic are derived from small sheds water,» said Ri to the South Korean press arriving at the border village of Panmunjom for the meeting.» «In the same way, today’s high level meeting will contribute to peace, prosperity and unification (between both countries) which is desired by the nation», said Ri, referring to both countries. The third Summit which had this year, Moon and Kim pledged to resume economic cooperation as soon as possible, being optimistic that international sanctions could come to an end and allow such an initiative, and perform a ceremony to start end of year an ambitious project to connect its roads and railways. In this note: South Seoul Pyongyang Korea in North Korea

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