translated from Spanish: Members of the PAN and the PRD must understand that in Mexico already changed the correlation of forces, says the PT

Morelia, Michoacan.-once the benches of the PRD and PAN leave in an irresponsible manner, the plenary session of the State Congress, members members d the parliamentary group of the party of labour made you a call that will resume the dialogue and healthy debate in the State legislature.
The PT members pointed out that the proposal of Deputy Baltazar Gaona, for the Secretary of public safety in the State and the municipalities should report on their actions in the matter, is an urgent demand so there is collaboration and a real coordination between all the powers of Michoacán. Especially that today the State averages one homicide every 6 hours.
On behalf of the parliamentary fraction PT, Brenda Fraga Gutierrez, said that members who at the time represented by Mexico to the front Coalition, must understand that the correlation of forces in the country has already changed and now the Congress of Michoacán is they would defend the causes of the people and not what the Executive instructed.
«Were accustomed to something else the PRD and the PAN. For example, before we gained the debate and they vote; Today we won the debate and the vote. «They must realise that precisely the Michoacan Congress is to debate ideas, confront them and defend them, but more importantly, this must be for the benefit of the Michoacán», said Fraga Gutierrez.
In this sense the also a member of the Board of political coordination, called similar to resume the dialogue and healthy debate, reiterating that they must set aside the personal attacks and that at the time used the PRD as a flag for not obvious and urgent resolution to approve the warrant proposed by Baltazar Gaona.
The Coordinator of the fraction of the PT said «We invite you to you serenen and to return to dialogue and debate. There is no reason to spoil the exercise in the State Congress. We call them eco-so that they represent in a dignified manner to those who voted for them since not paid little for that».
On the other hand, made it clear that at no point threatened anyone, only Salvador Arvizu Deputy called to exercise legislative and that personal differences not is should settle in the maximum the State Gallery, so it made the call to respect the legislative halls.

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