translated from Spanish: Three letters of Quirino Ordaz

yesterday ended his term as interim mayors Joel Bouciéguez in Mazatlan, Antonio Castañeda in Culiacan and Manuel Urquijo Beltrán on Ahome. Now they are the letters of Governor Quirino Ordaz to join his Cabinet. With the designation of Irma pulled as Director of Civil Registry, was discarded by one of the main candidates to assume the Secretariat of Social development of the State, so all indications are that this space will be occupied by Boucieguez, Urquijo or Castaneda.hace about days in this space we mentioned the possibility of Tony Castañeda to reach the Presidency State of the PRI, which remains a strong possibility, but it is possible to return to the State cabinet. Definitely today is a new political Board and surely the Governor made readjustments in recent days. It is known that Joel Bouciéguez is his friend and one of the most trusted people, so it’s the main card to the Sedesol. In addition to that has the preparation and career. The change would be in the coming weeks. You can also discard to Manuel Urquijo, who took the job in the municipality of Ahome and strengthened the confidence of Quirino Ordaz. Another fact is that it showed that they are able. It is clear that it has proximity and is in the mood of the Governor. So it is quite possible that very soon these letters are at the political table and joining the team of the State Governor. Very outstanding. Frowned upon. Very bad news for the President Enrique Peña Nieto, with 332 votes in favor and only 41 against, federal deputies failed the public account of the 2016 of the federal Government. Without a doubt, this situation puts in serious trouble to Peña Nieto and his Cabinet; in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies condemned the spending, debt, and fiscal discretion of two years ago. The opinion says that «federal executive exercised discretionally net additions by 613 thousand 975 million and that of December 31, 2016, the balance of the gross debt of the federal Government amounted to 7.4 billion pesos». Morena members took as a triumph the reverse President Pena, partied with applause, shouts and cheers. It looked like a party in the Chamber of Deputies, definitely come very difficult days for Peña and his Secretaries. Change. Yesterday the new mayors around the State yielded protest, main cities events passed without major incidents or great speeches. The note is that starting today Sinaloa is mostly governed by Morena, especially in major cities. The PRI handed political power like never before. From today there will be hundreds of unemployed and many loose militants, faces what could be the worst crisis in the history of the party. So very attentive. Political memory. «Let’s go back to those happy days in which there were heroes», Bette Davis.En this note:

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