translated from Spanish: Single: “inciting xenophobia when no work is a form of broken society”

the national Deputy Felipe Solá referred to the wave of xenophobia that woke up after the arrest of four foreigners in the riots that were generated while it it debated the 2019 budget in Congress. “They want to make people believe that crime is associated with immigrants. They are a minority sector ideas that now are trying to impose is in a majority.

There is a direct association. “Some groups of immigrants come to commit a crime but we can not put that bag to the large number of immigrants from neighbouring countries which have the Argentina,” said the legislator told FutuRock.El an integral block network x Argentina insisted that ” incite xenophobia at a time where no work is one way of breaking Argentine society to impose the toughest individualism of all”and remarked that”individualism is associated with the economy for large corporations”. 

Two Venezuelans arrested for incidents at the Congress obtained his temporary residence on 6 September, generous country… -miguel Ángel Pichetto (@MiguelPichetto) October 26, 2018 “long ago that Senator Miguel Pichetto think so about immigrants. It is not to be opportunistic, but that he thought always equal. All I will say is that I disagree with it”, indicated, with respect to the proposal to toughen measures to expel foreigners who commit crimes in the country.

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