translated from Spanish: Shots killed two men in the interior of a home in Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia home murder shot two men in the interior of a home in Morelia, Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-two men were killed shot dead inside a residence located between 26 July colonies and Garden City, place where arrived the police authorities once they learned.
Data in the news work allowed us to know that the violent events took place this Sunday night in a building of the Tabachin Street, near a ravine and in the vicinity of the Lucio Cabañas settlement.
Some inhabitants of the area alerted the emergency 911 number, consecutively attended municipal police, who found the wronged, then some paramedics arrived at the scene and confirmed the deaths.
The site was cordoned off and the patrol requested the intervention of the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ), then Ministerial agents assigned to the homicide unit were in charge of the research support of criminal justice experts.
Authorities did not reveal details of the double crime. At the end the corpses were moved to the facilities of the forensic medical service for the necropsy of law practice.

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