translated from Spanish: Dan «low blow» López Obrador with cover of Magazine

Mexico.-the latest edition of the cover of the magazine Proceso has generated mixed reactions among politicians, journalists and readers, in which many questioned whether it is a true exercise in the phloem Tad’s expression or simply seeks to exhibit an independence from the President elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.Para Federico Arreola, the recent cover is a » strike bass, very dirty » and attributes it to the relationship between AMLO and Julio Scherer Ibarra (son of July Scherer Garcia), who was founder of the journal.
Emphasized that Scherer Ibarra is a contributor to close Lopez Obrador Cabinet and considered that «understand the need of the magazine Proceso exhibit independence from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador elected».

That surpasses all limits is to invent a tabloid cover by excessive draft. There is nothing in the print edition of process this week justifying the header of its front page: «AMLO is isolated. The ghost of failure, said Arreola.

Review the cover «is neither newspaper nor is justified based on what can be read in their inner pages».

Still does not take possession and it is «only» and «failure». Conservatism, left or right, clouds judgement and gives rise to fanciful guesswork. The ends can be touching and hugging. Welcome plurality and debate. The good news is the unmasking. – Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller (@BeatrizGMuller) November 4, 2018 points out that the main header of the cover refers to Álvaro Delgado interview to the Constitutionalist Diego Valadés.
Published: «the ‘plausible’ decision of the President elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador of separating the power of political power, similar to the feat of Benito Juárez divide the civil power of the ecclesiastical power, is of such magnitude that it requires one» «institutional reform and an accompanying Congress and his own cabinet, will fail because if it undertakes only, so the head of State, warns the Constitutionalist Diego Valadés».

He stressed that the text doesn’t talk about specifically that President-elect of Mexico is isolated, but lacking the support of them legislators.
The publication reads: «In the recent controversy over the NAIM do saw you only, and as the legislators of Morena, instead of putting out the fire pushed initiatives ‘desconsertantes’ on salaries of public servants and the judiciary».

Social networks recorded the different reactions on the cover of the magazine: someone who wins with 30 million votes is not isolated and you can not fail if you don’t even start. The interview does not support the cover. It is my point of view. Villamil (@jenarovillamil) November 4, 2018 few people know as well @lopezobrador_ as so-called @FedericoArreola.Por that is aware of that is doing a question to @revista process. But she knows perfectly well that what AMLO wants and rewards is the unconditional militant. Thus made merits – Fernando Belaunzarán (@ferbelaunzaran) November 4, 2018 this note:

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