translated from Spanish: Secretaría de Salud de Michoacán and legislators set agenda of work

photograph / SSM Morelia, Michoacan.-through an official statement, it was reported that with the objective of establishing a common agenda for the benefit of the Michoacan, this Wednesday the Secretariat of health of Michoacán (SSM), Diana Carpio Ríos, held a working meeting with the members of the Committee on health and assistance of the LXXIV legislature of the Congress of the State Social.
Carpio rivers made a detailed presentation of the financial structure, human resources and infrastructure which was received the unit, as well as what has been done so far and heard the concerns of the legislators.
According to the text, he pointed out the investment of the Government, Silvano Aureoles, headed for the dignification of 430 health centres and 27 hospitals; He also pondered reengineering which is applied in the strategic distribution of human capital to advance coverage of nurses and doctors for the care of the population.
In terms of the challenges that still have, made mention of the management of resources to cover payments of payroll of the fortnight of the 20 to 24; ensure allocation of budget expenditures of the State of 2019; the reengineering of health services to keep the medical units running and conclude the strengthening of hospital equipment.
Meanwhile, lawmakers expressed their willingness to work together and make proposals that lead to the improvement of health services for the benefit of the Michoacan.
Present at the meeting were the legislative liaison and regional affairs of the Secretariat of Government, José Daniel Moncada Sánchez; the President of the Commission, María de el Refugio Cabrera Hermosillo; Deputy Osiel Equihua Equihua and representatives of legislators.

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