translated from Spanish: Pablo Moyano: «the CGT again fails workers»

«surely they want to demonstrate in the next G20 that the country is peaceful, so with this, the CGT again fails workers», said today the Deputy Secretary of truckers, Pablo Moyano. Trade unionist was critical after the agreement between the Government, Union leaders and businessmen to pay a bonus of 5,000 pesos to year.

According to Moyano, «the agreement is made to expand a measure that has to be already, and unfortunately, the leaders still believe in this model».
«They are still giving the Government this chance to recap what millions of Argentines live».

The bonus of 5000 pesos, which would be awarded both State and private workers will be paid in two installments, in the months of November and January. However, Moyano said that the 15th of this month there will be a plenary federal of Trade Union in the transport sector in which «surely we will announce measures of force», and that, in the same tune, he will today meet Hugo Yasky (CTA) and representatives of the Trade Union front opposition to «discuss the way forward against these policies». In statements to Radio Cooperativa, trucker leader assessed that actions are «priority» because «surely the coming year they will insist on a pension reform stronger and another labor reform, and workers are going to be protesting» She warned.


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