translated from Spanish: Franco fencer who planned to kill Pedro Sánchez was arrested in Catalonia

The region of Catalonia police arrested in a town close to Barcelona to a vigilant security that WhatsApp chat announced his intention to kill the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.
The police confirmed this Thursday via Twitter the detention of this person, considered an expert marksman and in whose home was found “an arsenal of weapons”.
The reason that the suspect claimed to kill Sanchez is the project of the Spanish Executive to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from his current Tomb monument known as Valle de los Caídos.
The public digital daily reported Thursday that the arrest took place a few weeks ago and the watchman, Manuel M.S., 63-year-old and with a history of psychological problems, entered prison accused of a killing of authority “proposition”, with “holding illegal”a”deposit of arms”, by order of the magistrate’s court number 3 of Terrassa.
The detainee is a skilled shooter, the best club of Olympic shooting of the Vallès, where he practiced and competed for many years, and was able to modify and build weapons short or long, according to public.
The police requested an order of entry and registration of the residence of Manuel M.S., where last September 19 found 16 firearms short and long, including an assault rifle military Cetme, a Czechoslovak submachine gun Skorpion vz. 61 and four high-precision rifles.
It’s weapons capable of hitting a target up to 1,500 meters away. In addition, in their vehicle carrying two pistols, one of them modified and illegal.
The detainee attended far-right environments, but had never participated in violent acts, so it had no police record and was not controlled by security forces.

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