translated from Spanish: Italy: new evidence at trial about the Condor Plan

The Prosecutor and parties indicted in the trial of appeal in Italy against a score of military of Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay charged with the disappearance of Italians within the Condor Plan presented this Wednesday (07.11.2018) new evidence and witnesses.
Prosecutors in Rome Francesco Mollace and Tiziana Cugini asked that new material is incorporated into the cause not because in the judgment in first grade, concluded in January 2017, there was lack of evidence, but to allow it to increase sentences, reported EfE procedural sources.
The attorney representing Uruguay, Andrea Speranzoni, presented the evidence against the military that has collected on his trip to this South American country, as new documents of the body of naval Fusiliers (FUSNA), responsible for the repression within the Navy, during the Plan Condor, the repressive operation driven regimes of Latin America between 1970 and 1980.
The lawyer asked, in addition, listen to the former montonero Martin Gras, tortured in the Argentine Navy mechanics school (ESMA), as well as one of the judges who instructed the Condor in Argentina case and three military of the FUSNA who already declared in Uruguay. (EFE)

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