translated from Spanish: “I use it and abuse”: Moria Casán replied to Gisela Barreto

Gisela Barreto had a new edition of “faith moves mountains” radio program that leads on the Internet.

There, through a metaphor said: “this is what they are teaching the boys, that you you do what you want with your body and with your straight you can have sex but not Mr. You can’t because you lastimás you, and you degenerás. The same goes with the glass, if I am bum, my mojo with water, mojo Diners and I am bothering. It’s a lack of respect.”

Moria replied to Barreto through Twitter Moria Casán not ignored the statements of the former showgirl and expressed through his Twitter account. “Whattttt?” BARRETO, Berreta image, offending our flag with your ESCRIVÁ, speaking of the rectum, surely the enchastre did you on your bidet, trying to wash it #NoPodés with the bidet noooo! “, wrote.”

The ‘one’ was expressed with some more publications. “When wash you your year, straight or as you call it do it with holy water!” To see if you ensuciás flag #ElSexoAberretado by ignorance is deadly #SacaLaBandera and speaks of what do we do with those who used her rectum as an element of pleasure! “, continued.”

Moria replied to Barreto Twitter far run out of words “Incorrectas” current host ended: “I use him and abuse! What are you you? me excomulgás? #AMEN #BERRETA to see if ensuciás not our flag… “.”

Moria replied to Barreto via Twitter

Original source in Spanish

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