translated from Spanish: The top amount increase to $500 to bring products from abroad without paying taxes

new resolution AFIP announces that as of today those who travel abroad and return to the Argentina by air may enter the country products by h ASTA 500 dollars without paying extra amount. As it was previously the case items that exceed that figure will pay 50% of its original value. What is changed here is the top of the franchise – for the first time in 24 years-which was at $300 per passenger. In the case of entry into the country by land or river means franchise uploaded USD 150 to USD 300 per traveller; and it stays half luggage for 16 years (inclusive).

Changes do not occur in the franchises for the free shops of arrival; neither nor change the limits for the entry and exit of values – regardless of the means of transport-. This specific amount do not provide clothing, cell phones, tablets and notebooks for «personal use», as detailed Customs Office, which two months ago reported on another resolution that has left them to their carriers charge the tax equivalent to 50% of the value of the product He governed until then. «Each passenger will enter as a personal object with a cell phone and must choose between a single laptop or a tablet,» explained AFIP. 

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