translated from Spanish: «You’re a secuestrable person?»: the question of Nicolás Repetto generated repudiation

with the passage of the years, Nicolás Repetto accumulated an extensive career in television, as a journalist and presenter. However, apparently stayed at the time. In 2018, hundreds of women are empowered to stop the comments that express a sexist comment. In this context, however, the driver in front of «People news» interviewed a girl who suffered a kidnapping attempt and asked him: «You’re a secuestrable person?». Before the questioning, she responded: «No, for my wanted to backpack», in relation in which his vision criminals aimed to steal their belongings.

Today in Madero, they tried to seize a piba. It survived because he ran and passed a car, but they took it.
just call us exaggerated, is happening. It is a reality.
we are tired and afraid, but they will not stop us.
.. .and will not shoot, let’s make shit.— miracles (@xMiliPereira) November 8, 2018 as was the case? The young man circled by bike, as a normal day in Villa Madero, when a car slowed down beside her to try to take it by force. Immediately, he ran; for his fortune, when another witness car the kidnapper left quickly scene.

The generated controversy in social networks, where users claimed that that kind of question was out of place. Even so, is not the first time that the driver expresses an opinion of that style: months ago, in the same newscast, had told a young woman that street harassment suffered the question: «what did you do so they shout you things? How were going clothed? «.»

How many more times must prove Nicolás repetto their pelotudez so they crack TV – Rosamaria (@RosamariaAmor) 9 November 2018 wanted to kidnap a girl and Nicolás Repetto asks «do you consider yourself secuestrable?». And to think that such charges fortune by saying these pelotudeces… – Emanuel (@emanuelr9) 9 November 2018 «Sos secuestrable someone?» Question Nicolás Repetto to mine that ran when they wanted her to tuck inside of car
I can’t believe it SORETE this type-level Franco Gravante (@FrancoGravante) November 9, 2018 this note:

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