translated from Spanish: Donald Trump against all: waiver of the Attorney-general and strong cross with a journalist

«induced» resignation of the Attorney General all suggests that the decision was taken some time but seeking to avoid scandals which could affect negative the Republican performance in the elections on Tuesday, the news was communicated in the day yesterday. The departure of the head of the Department of Justice responds primarily to «Russian plot», episode linking the interference by the kremlin in the elections that led to Donald Trump for President. It was in March 2017 Sessions recusó the research in question given that during the election campaign, the former Prosecutor had held a meeting with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Robert Mueller, independent judge then led to the case and that has deepened the levels of responsibility of the President.
A new confrontation with a journalist in the framework of the press conference that the President gave Trump to evaluate the results of the legislative elections came a strong encounter with the Jim Acosta.El CNN journalist conflict broke out when Acosta, referring to the caravan of Central American that he is directed to the United States, asked the Republican about the possibility that this was demonizing them to refer to them as criminals.

Short circuits between the President and the journalist have been a constant throughout Trump administration. In fact, since the first Conference News as President-elect of the United States, the President highlighted his «look» about this medium in particular. In a statement issued from the White House, it was reported that the journalist Acosta is was removed him the credential enabling to enter the premises. The truth is that Donald Trump has been characterized since day one of his presidency to maintain a tense relationship with the media, who from the repeated «fake news», has ranked as the enemies of the people. In this note:

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