translated from Spanish: Maite Orsini Boric accompanied on the appointment with Palma Salamanca

the Deputy of democratic revolution, Maite Orsini, also met with the former front Ricardo Palma Salamanca in France together with his pair Gabriel Boric, who has been fuertem being criticized by the ruling party. The challenged appointment occurred at the turn of a parliamentary trip to Palestine, where he made a stopover in Paris and joined with the former subversive, condemned for the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán.lee also: President of the Chamber said Boric has”give explanations” by Palma Salamanca visitLee also: Marcelo Díaz and quote from Palma Salamanca and Boric: “is a mistake that has not made it public because is” lends itself to interpretations”Lee also: Jackson defended Boric by appointment with Palma Salamanca:” converse with someone you do not complicit “”it is well known by the public, in Paris held a meeting with Ricardo Palma Salamanca. After that I have referred without nuances that I condemn the assassination to Jaime Guzmán. La Segunda.La opinion I’ve formed from several factors, including that meeting which I participated together to the Deputy Boric”, said the parliamentary representative of the broad front made it clear that” this meeting was not in my party knowledge and ” I understand the relevance of this criticism”. Orsini said that “my commitment is with make me user with the largest possible base and wait if Justice Act, both respecting the guarantees as to combat impunity”, adding that “is relevant to attend the reading of the French Office of” “Protection of refugees and, in the same way, respecting the actions of courts, both Chilean and French”.

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