translated from Spanish: Deputies ask PGR attract killing of daughter of Deputy of Morena

the right of the Chamber of Deputies asked the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to attract the investigation into the murder of Valeria Mariann Cruz, daughter of legislator of Morena, Carmen MEDEL.
The full regretted and condemned the killing of Valeria Mariann and expressed solidarity with the family of the victim.
In a point of agreement of the Board of political coordination (Jucopo), endorsed in economic vote, lawmakers asked the PGR to carry out relevant research actions, in order to clarify the facts, and that ensure that all the involved to face justice to leave no room for impunity.
It called on the General Prosecutor’s Office of Veracruz to give view of the record to the federal authority.
Prior to the approval of the point of agreement, on the empty seat of the representative for Veracruz were placed white roses, as a sign of sympathy.
Eulalio Juan Rios Fararoni, name of Brown, said that his caucus requires Governor Yunes and the State Prosecutor, Jorge Winckler, do justice and go to the ultimate consequences.
«That is why today I want to tell you, all and all, we have to put an end to the impunity that has prevailed in this Government. May not be possible that being in a third-level exercise, a block from City Hall reached who finalized the life of Valeria, with nine bullets and that you have gone through the door in the opposite direction and has not been a single authority which might have it from dyed», said.
The PRI Anilú Ingram Vallines condemned the killing of Cruz Medel and highlighted the increase in the State’s 11 per cent in the intentional killings, therefore endorsed the warrant that the PGR to exercise its power of attraction of the case.
Mariana Garcia Rojas Pan defended the investigations of the State Government.
«It hurts us that Carmen Medel has lost to Valerie, and I want to clarify, there is a crime of serious federal jurisdiction, but there is an action of the Government of the State and the forceful prosecution. «We don’t have the guilt that have killed who killed Valeria, it is not our responsibility, which is unfortunate, Yes, but it is not our responsibility», said.
«Organized crime in Veracruz is born of years of Fidel Herrera Beltrán, who remember us, and hurts and hurts seriously.»
The daughter of the federal Member of Parliament was killed on November 8 while he was inside a gym located in the municipality of Mendoza, Veracruz.
22-year-old was working out in the gym ‘Sport’, a block from City Hall of Ciudad Mendoza, when she was attacked with bullets.
The Governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes, reported that the young woman was confused with a woman linked to organized crime, who went to the same gym that was the 22-year-old student.
To date, the Government headed by Miguel Angel Yunes has reported the arrest of five people with information from Notimex and reformation (subscription required)

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