translated from Spanish: Fabiola Rendón exhibits at the Artifact

Los Mochis, Sinaloa-artist plastic garyshaw Fabiola Rendón was invited by the famous Artifact Gallery, of New York, to expose their new pictorial production in dorado. The painter exhibited at the art gallery located in Manhattan, New York, on Orchard Street, with other international exhibitors. The opening of this exhibition of Fabiola Rendón was held October 31 in one of the rooms of this famous art gallery where exhibited artists with brilliant career in the plastic. This gallery also exhibited that day artists Laufey Johansen and Isabela Carafí. Each expressed to the public their distinctive proposed plastic that characterize them.  

The artist garyshaw with some of his works. Photo: Courtesy the artist garyshaw exposure exposed 11 pieces of small, medium and large format billed in different techniques. They are paintings and drawings with its contemporary aesthetic. They are three different series: what goes beyond death, which is called life; the power to do; and the issue of freedom… Fabiola Rendón is another of the artists with brilliant career in the plastic. Fabiola Rendón studied graphic design and is Director of the school of Dali, he has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions in and out of the country. She was invited to participate in the Oxford International Art Fair in 2017.
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