translated from Spanish: Inflation in October was 5.4%: the 2018 will be the highest in 27 years

October inflation reported by the INDEC threw 5.4% of increase in prices over the past month. 
This increase in prices had a strong September increase drag in conjunction with the further increase in the rates for prepaid, gasoline, gas and transportation. 
Consultants estimates ranged between a minimum 4% inflation and an increased maximum of 5.9% for the CPI in October. Finance Minister Nicolás Dujovne said that inflation in September and October are “transient phenomena”, and expected a reduction to 3% for the last two months of the year. This reduction would be by the sharp decline in activity and consumption. Anyway, even with the slow waited to the end of the year 2018 is configured as the year with higher inflation since 1991. The highlights 1991 in the second year of the Presidency Carlos Menen and out of hyperinflation in the run-up of prices increases were 84% 2002 after the economic crisis and declare the default in 2001 inflation reached 40.9% under the pre sidencia of Eduardo Duhalde.
2014 under the Presidency of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner INDEC threw a 23.9% inflation while Congress inflation measured 38.5% and the official measurement of the Government of the city of buenos aires was 41%.
2016 during the first year of Government Mauricio Macri, the rise in prices came to 40.9% according to the official measurement of the INDEC.
Thus, 2018 projections located it with the highest inflation in the 27 years of the Argentine economy.  

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