translated from Spanish: “Righteous” kills alleged attacker with headshot

State of Mexico-a suspected robber was killed with a shot to the head at the hands of a righteous anonymous when he got off a bus together with his accomplice, after docking to the passenger s of the unit in the municipality of Tecamac on Friday morning. The incident occurred around 9:00 o’clock on Friday at the pretty, on the avenida Jalisco colony, when the public transport unit moving in direction at Indios Verdes and it was approached by two alleged criminals who began to assault to the passengers with gun in hand.
However, to end the theft and lose the truck, one of the passengers shot them and nailed one of them, who fell immediately, while the accomplice abandoned him in the place.

Photo: Reform the criminal was lying on the sidewalk and was shot in the forehead, cellular several quedar removed to victims who gave part to authorities. Later arrived municipal elements, whom to ask users, no one gave information on the Avenger, so it only was cordoned off the area to report to the public prosecutor and initiate inquiries correspondientesCon information from Afondo.En Note:

Original source in Spanish

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