translated from Spanish: Aimlessly: Costa Rica ruined you the night to an unknown Chilean team

Costa Rica ruined today Chile overnight with a big win at home by 3-2 in a friendly in the face of the America Cup next year in the Court of the Lieutenant in the city of Rancagua, next to Santiago.
A doublet of Kendall Waston and a third goal from Ronald Matarrita returned to make clear the superiority of the tico set on the southern, which in the last few minutes was able to deduct with great effort with goals from Sebastian Vegas and Alexis Sánchez.
Chileans clashed from the start of the meeting with a Rican organized combined, whose counterattacks always brought danger to the goal defended by Johnny Herrera.
At 26 minutes, Arturo Vidal passed to Junior Fernandes that overflowed by the left side and centered for Stephen walls which did not reach the ball by inches.
However, visiting selection continued to dominate large passages of the Court was as Jonathan McDonald (m.29) and Joel Campbell (m.32) were on the verge of inaugurating the scoreboard.
And the pitcher he went to water that 35 minutes after a corner of the ticos between Enzo Roco and Sebastian Vegas were not capable of neutralizing Waston, who jumped higher and scored the first goal of the selection of Costa Rica.
In the following minutes before finishing the first fraction the Chilean combined, directed by Colombian Reinaldo wheels, had some chances, but the incompetence in the face of the goal were not allowed to move the marker.
In the second half Chile jumped to the grass with intensity and constantly attacked in the first few minutes with Alexis Sánchez hungry for gol.
However, the men of Ronald González were inspired and 58 minutes again a corner served by Campbell bounced off Gary Medel, the ball hit a pole and the rejection took it Waston, which increased the marker for the selection of Costa Rica.
Within minutes, the visiting combined became a nightmare for Chileans and was thus as in the 63 minute Ronald Matarrita, after a great run and without that Oscar Opazo could stop it topped Cross and decreed the third for the ticos.
The austral selection responded seven minutes later, when Sanchez ran a foul that first nodded island and finally repeated Sebastian Vegas pushing the ball inside the goal.
At 81 minutes, Sanchez failed the launch of a penalty that kicked without power and goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado saved with his feet.
When all seemed lost, 89 minutes Sanchez received a pass from Lorenzo Reyes and redeemed his error by checking the second goal for an unknown Chilean team.

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