translated from Spanish: People who are the 44 victims of the submarine ARA San Juan?

captain of frigate PEDRO MARTÍN FERNÁNDEZ was the captain of the ARA San Juan. He was 45 years old. Married with three children. She lived in Mar del Plata. It was from Tucumán. His childhood was in the neighborhood Echeverria. Father of three children. He was married to his classmate, Ana Maria Raya Tonetti pharmaceuticals. He promised his mother that it was his last trip. 

Pedro Martín Fernández captain of Corvette JORGE IGNACIO BERGALLO Vivia in Mar del Plata. His name and his vocation was a legacy of his father Jorge Bergallo, who was commander of the frigate freedom and ARA San Juan. 
Captain of Corvette FERNANDO VICENTE VILLARREAL born in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. He was a prominent student of the military Naval school in La Plata, where he was a bodyguard of the flag. He was residing in Mar del Plata, with his wife and a 3-year-old daughter. 
Lieutenant de Navio FERNANDO ARIEL MENDOZA born in Concordia, Entre Ríos. He studied at the technical school No. 1 of that city. Then it was moved to Mar del Plata. 
Lieutenant Navío DIEGO MANUEL WAGNER’s 38 years. He lived in Mar del Plata, but he was born in Olavarría. He had three sons with Carolina Viloria. 
Lieutenant Navío VÍCTOR ANDRÉS MAROLI 37 years. The only crew that was from Cordoba. Villa Maria was. Entering the Navy in 2002. In 2006 he received a degree in human resources for the defense with the rank of Lieutenant. Father of twins. 
Lieutenant de Navio ELIANA MARIA KRAWCZYK was the first diver to reach the post of officer in the history of argentina and South America. It was the only woman in the crew of the Ara. It was of Oberá, Misiones. He was 35 years old. It was his first year in the ship. 
Lieutenant de Navio ADRIAN ZUNDA MEOQUI was 32 years. As a child her dream was to be marine. He was residing in Mar del Plata. 
Lieutenant RENZO DAVID MARTIN SILVA born in San Juan. At age 18 he entered the Escuela Naval Militar. He was 32 years old. They planned to marry the auditing Lieutenant María Eugenia Ulivarri Rodi in 2018. 

Renzo David Martin Silva frigate Lieutenant JORGE LUIS MEALLA from Jujuy. He was the eldest of four sisters. He was 30 years old. He was residing in Mar del Plata and planned to return to spend the holidays and vacations in his province. 
Lieutenant Commander ALEJANDRO DAMIAN TAGLIAPIETRA was 27 years. In 2017, he moved to Mar del Plata. It was beccles. He made several trips instruction by its specialization in underwater weapons. 
Master warrant officer JAVIER ALEJANDRO GALLARDO resided in Mar del Plata. He was 47 years old. From a family of sailors. His father, Francisco Gallardo, during the Falklands war was in San Luis submarine. 
NCO Principal ALBERTO CIPRIANO SANCHEZ 46 years. He was residing in Mar del Plata. 
Chief Petty Officer first VICTOR HUGO COLONEL was the nurse of the submarine. He was born in liberator, Jujuy. 

Victor Hugo Colonel Petty Officer first WALTER GERMAN REAL was born in Pinamar. At age 17, he joined the Navy School of mechanics. 
First warrant officer HERNAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ of General Alvear. He was the Chief Engineer of the submarine. He was married to Marcela Moyano and lived in Real of the father of the city of San Rafael. He wore two decades in the Argentina Navy and 9 in the ARA San Juan. 
Chief Petty Officer first CAYETANO HIPOLITO VARGAS had 45 years. A native of Angaco, San Juan. His place of residence was in Mar del Plata. Married with two children. 

Cayetano Hipolito Vargas first Petty Officer LUIS MARCELO LEIVA lived in Mar del Plata. It was in Buenos Aires. 
Warrant officer second Robert DANIEL MEDINA was 40 years. She lived in Mar del Plata. He was married and had two sons. He was born in Atocha, Salta. His experience in the Atlantic were patrol maritime maneuvers. 
Warrant officer second CELSO OSCAR VALLEJOS passionate soccer and the sea. It was referee. He attended a course in sports umpires of the Argentina Republic Union and directed in zonal tournaments. 
Second warrant officer HUGO ARNALDO HERRERA of Palpalá, Jujuy. Married with a son. She lived in Mar del Plata. He worked in the section of the submarine shot control. 
Warrant officer second VICTOR MARCELO ENRIQUEZ with 37 years of age was of Las Margaritas, Department of Anta, Salta. He lived with his wife and daughters of 5 and 11 years in Mar del Plata. 

Víctor Marcelo Enriquez second warrant officer RICARDO GABRIEL ALFARO RODRIGUEZ of San Juan. 37 years. He was residing in Mar del Plata with his spouse and son. It was the chef of the ARA.  For four years that he worked in the submarine. 
Warrant officer second JORGE ARIEL MONZON married Jaqueline and a daughter named April. It was home, Tres de Febrero partido. 
Out Chief FERNANDO GABRIEL SANTILLI was 35 years old. He moved to Mar del Plata from his home province, Mendoza. There he began the career in the Navy. Before he made the engineering degree. I had a spouse and a baby just one year. 
Cabo Principal JORGE EDUARDO VALDEZ with 33 years and a daughter living in Mar del Plata. It was Hipólito Yrigoyen, Salta, but moved to Buenos Aires to enter the Navy. 
Cape main SERGIO ANTONIO CUELLAR is of Salvador Mazza, Salta province. 
Cape main ALBERTO RAMIRO ARJONA married with two daughters. He was 32 years old. It was the town of Campo Quijano Salta. 

Alberto Ramiro Arjona out main CRISTIAN DAVID IBANEZ worked in radaristas of submarine equipment. 
Cape main MARIO ARMANDO TOCONAS De Sierra Grande, Río Negro. He had an 8-year-old son, and when the submarine became the last contact his wife was 4 months pregnant. She lived in Mar del Plata. 
Cape main FRANCO JAVIER ESPINOZA Jujuy 33-year-old. It was more of five who was in the crew of the ARA. He attended a course of diver in Mar del Plata, where he made the Diver course. 
Cabo Principal JORGE ELIZABETHAN ORTIZ married Griselda. He had a son. He was born in Posadas Misiones. He had two brothers. In charge of the electricity sector and engines. 
Cabo Principal ENRIQUE DAMIAN CASTILLO Mar del Plata. Married to Anabela Aguirre. They had a daughter. 
Cape main HUGO DANTE CÉSAR ARAMAYO was 33 years old. A native of Palpalá, Jujuy. In 2011 it did its instruction aboard the frigate freedom. 
Cabo Principal LUIS ESTEBAN GARCIA born in the province of Tucumán. He was father of two sons with his wife Gabriela Acosta.

Luis Esteban Garcia out Chief LUIS CARLOS NOLASCO was born in Salta. He had two daughters, 4 and 7 years. It was electrician. 
Cabo Principal DAVID ADOLFO MELIAN born in El Bobadal, Santiago del Estero. He was 30 years old. She lived in Mar del Plata. 
Out first GERMAN OSCAR SUAREZ Sonarista. Born in the province of Santa Fe. His rank was held first Navy. 
POLO Cabo first DANIEL ALEJANDRO lived and Mar del Plata, but was from San Pedro, a town in the province of Jujuy. 
Cape first LUIS ALBERTO NIZ born in Capilla del Señor. It was his second trip on the submarine. He was married to his girlfriend who was also a member of the force. 
Out first LEANDRO FABIAN CISNEROS was 28 years old. He was born in Coronel Arias, Jujuy. He married Marisa. For seven years he was part of the Navy. 
Out first FABRICIO ALEJANDRO ALCARAZ CORIA one of the youngest with 27 years. He was engineer of the ARA San Juan for a year. He was born in volcano, San Luis. 
Out first ANIBAL TOLABA other Jujuy. In the neighborhood of the Chingo. 
Chief Petty Officer second DANIEL ADRIAN FERNANDEZ born in the bonaerense town of Punta Alta. He moved to Mar del Plata, along with his family, with whom they lived prior to your trip in the ARA San Juan.En this note:

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